I am not blessed, obviously, with being good at updates. But here at least is a photograph proving that I have not been lazing around. These are the drafts so far of another novel; it’s called Llananno at the moment, but has also been SoHelenium and A Bird Is Born Twice, and many wind up any or none of these. I gave a first reading from it at Arvon (Totleigh Barton) last week, which went better than I had expected, so perhaps it is not so many moons away. Addlands, incidentally, was two such boxes. Three full by the end, I’m going to guess…

Any case, it is the result of the cogitations I mentioned once in a post on this site about the extraordinary rood screen at Llananno Church, Radnorshire.

Should it be of interest, I will read some more one of these boxes on Saturday 15th June at Montgomery Literary Festival. One session with Horatio Clare and Myfanwy Alexander. Another alone, as I understand it.

Perhaps I should mention, while I’m about it, and having failed to mention the Arvon course last week, that I’m doing a Writing a Novel course with Rebecca F. John at Ty Newydd on the 16th-21st September. Reading from the boxes there too, probably.