Some events

Three, in fact:

One. Sunday October 22nd. The Bleddfa Centre have a day of events called You’ve Written a Book, Now What? Helena Attlee, KJ Whittaker (I’m immersed in her marvellous False Lights at the moment) and I will be talking about… that sort of thing from 10:55. But there are all sorts of speakers all day: agents, experts of every stripe.

Two. Thursday November 2nd. An evening at Waterstones Trafalgar Square with Fiona Mozley, Daisy Johnson and Danny O’Connor discussing “literary writing, nature and life, and the intriguing connections between rural landscapes and language”.

Three. Friday 10th November at the Malvern Book Cooperative. An evening of Addlands, that one. Starts at 7:30pm.


So there we go. More things presently.